Feb. 07, 2024

HARRISBURG – Rep. Donna Scheuren (R-Montgomery) criticized Gov. Josh Shapiro’s budget proposal to spend $3.7 billion more over last year, with no projected revenue to pay for it now, next year or the years following.

“With an extensive senior citizen population ready to retire in Pennsylvania, and a workforce not keeping pace to replace them, now is not the time to grow government programs,” said Scheuren. “Instead of generating revenue or practicing zero-based budgeting to cut programs that are not working for the Commonwealth, the governor proposes blowing through any General Fund surplus and draining the Rainy Day Fund to pay for all his new spending.”

The governor’s $48.3 billion budget proposal for 2024-25 would increase state spending by 8.4%, totaling an increase of $3.7 billion over the current fiscal year.

“I would also remind Gov. Shapiro to check PA law, for it clearly states that Rainy Day Funds are held in place to offset unanticipated downturns in our economy or unexpected revenue shortfalls, they are not to be used for payment of daily expenditures.”
“While I can support initiatives that invest in our workforce and help more folks to lay down roots in Pennsylvania, those initiatives cannot be coupled with an endless wish list of spending agendas that are unsustainable and eviscerate our safety nets,” Scheuren said. “That is not good governance, nor is it fiscally responsible.”

“Having nearly 30 years of experience in business, I know what smart budgeting entails,” she continued. “The governor’s proposal is irresponsible and very misleading to the people of Pennsylvania. Government must live within its means, no different than every household across America. We must reign in this excessive spending proposal and stop Gov. Shapiro from depleting a surplus that took over a decade to accumulate. If we don’t, the only method capable of restoring such extensive funds in such a short period of time, would be major increases to Personal Income Tax levels, which is not only reckless to our plan of making Pennsylvania more appealing, but an approach I would never support.”

Representative Donna Scheuren
147th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Joe Szymanski
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